Minneapolis.org Website

Project Overview

Starting out with this project Meet Minneapolis had 3 major things hindering the user when using the minneapolis.org website. Number one and probably the most important was load time. When a new user visited the site the navigation was three tiered and had to load 96 images. The average page load time was 14 seconds. Depending on internet bandwith it could be as much as 30 seconds. To get this number down I took out all the images of the navigation and eliminated the hover on the menu. Now the site loads in under 2 seconds.

The second issue of the site was all the broken links and 404 pages. The overall site has 8,000 pages and when the switch of CMSs was made 301 redirects were not put into place. Using Webmaster Tools I fixed over 2,000 bad pages.

The third issue and most intriguing for me was content. Users came to the site to visit only 5 pages. That accounted for 72% of the website traffic. To combat that I used Google Trends to find what people were searching for. Since Meet Minneapolis has over 550 partners an easy solution was to include what specials or events they were featuring on a page such as the Minneapolis 4th of July Guide. We saw organic traffic increase as well as referrals to partners. In 2012 the partner referrals was at about 180,000 per year. In 2014 it increased to 1,115,681.

Project Details

Project Date: November 2012 – February 2015

Client: Meet Minneapolis

Project Link: minneapolis.org


  • Went from 340,000 organic search referrals annually to 1,325,000 annually.
  • Restructured all urls to be SEO friendly
  • Increased pageviews to 3.67 average per session. It was 1.6 inNovember 2012.
  • Bounced Rate dropped from 63% to 46% in once the new navigation was incorporated.


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